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  Therapy Consent form


Please carefully review the therapy consent form. Please ensure you are in complete agreement with each provided point before checking the box. 


Terms of confidentiality-

Please note that all the information provided by you (clients) is completely confidential and won't be shared with anyone unless the client is trying to harm himself or others.


1) Boundaries and therapist-client relationship

2) Don't contact the therapist after the work hours.

3) Do not ask for any guidance or counselling out of the therapeutic setting.

4) Any kind of misbehavior will not be tolerated during the sessions.

5) Both, client and the counselor will be respected during the session.

6) The therapist will be supportive and non-judgmental of the client throughout the therapeutic journey.

7) The client and the therapist will work in collaboration to help the client achieve the required results.


Pros and cons of therapy

Therapy will help you in personal development, coping with daily challenges and dealing with different psychological disorders. It will also help you remove emotional baggage from the past and lead a happier life than before.

But also know that therapy will make you face feelings of pain, guilt, sadness, frustration and anger too.


Risks involved in therapy

Therapy may not be easy and can cause discomfort and may not prove to be effective. But this doesn't mean that the therapist isn't putting effort and hence shouldn't be blamed.

For minors (below 18 years old)

Please make sure you have obtained permission from your parent or guardian before seeking professional help. By ticking the box, you affirm that you possess the necessary consent.


Payment policy

The payment should be made before the session begins. A session with the therapist will only be confirmed after the payment is made by the client.


Cancellation policy

The client should inform the therapist 2 hours prior cancelling the session. If the session is cancelled at the last moment or the client doesn't appear for the session, the fees will not be returned.

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