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Nurturing Mental Wellness,
One Conversation at a Time

Swasth Mind is a dedicated counseling services provider tailored specifically for high school and college students. Recognizing the unique challenges that young individuals face, Swasth Mind offers the most affordable and easily accessible support, ensuring that students have access to the care they need.

By offering a safe and confidential space, Swasth Mind aims to empower students to overcome obstacles, thrive academically, and lead emotionally balanced lives.

Our Associations & Past Seminars

IIT Bombay


Had an incredible day at IIT Bombay with Swasth Mind's seminar on 'Thriving Together: The Power of Group Sessions.' The atmosphere was electric as students explored collaborative learning's transformative potential.

The session delved into group synergy dynamics, highlighting insights, support, and motivation. Engaging discussions and activities sparked a vibrant exchange, leaving participants enlightened and invigorated.

As the seminar ended, the room buzzed with elation. IIT Bombay students left with renewed purpose, ready to implement what they learned. The bonds formed promise to foster campus unity, collaboration, and growth.

Thanks to participants, IIT Bombay, and all contributors for making this event a success. Here's to a future of thriving together!

Mental Health Situation in India

Adolescent's mental health representation

Adolescent's Mental Health

India has the largest number of adolescents worldwide, making up about one-fifth of its population (243 million). A meta-analysis reveals that psychiatric disorders affect 6.5% of the community and 23.3% of school children and adolescents. India holds the highest youth suicide rate globally, with suicide being the primary cause of death in this age group.

Young Adult's Mental Health

Young Adult's Mental Health

According to the survey findings previewed in The State of the World's Children 2021, it was discovered that approximately 14% of 15-24 year-olds in India, which is equivalent to 1 in 7 individuals, frequently experience feelings of depression or a lack of interest in activities.  

Student's Mental Health

Student's Mental Health

 Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) survey revealed that 12-13% of students in India suffer from psychological, emotional and behavioural conditions.

What  is  Swasth Mind?

Swasth Mind offers affordable and accessible mental health solutions for adolescents, young adults, educators, and parents. Our goal is to support mental well-being through individual and group therapy sessions tailored to each person's unique needs. We also prioritize mental health education through workshops and resources to reduce stigma and empower individuals to seek help. Our commitment is to remove barriers and make mental health services available to all, promoting a brighter and healthier future. Please note, we do not provide emergency services and hold sessions by appointment only.

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Thoughtfully designed items for individuals to thrive and win in their lives!

Group Session

Swasth Mind offers unique group sessions for individuals. Our sessions are moderated by expert professionals and conducted in small groups, ensuring meaningful and comfortable dialogue on a range of topics. Everyone can share and open up in a safe and supportive environment.

Individual Session

Swasth Mind is the perfect place for individuals to get the help they need. Our team of expert mental health professionals provide one on one sessions that are judgement-free, making it a safe and comfortable space for students to express and discuss their feelings.

Spreading Awareness

Swasth Mind offers blogs, videos, and other informational material to help educate and create awareness among people about the importance of taking care of themselves and their mental health.

I truly enjoyed the last session I had with Miss Anikha, she was super sweet and appreciative. She taught me some ways to calm myself down when I'm having performance anxiety and I would be lying if I say that it didn't work.
Last week I was performing solo for the very first time in an interschool competition, and guess what? I won the first position! Thank You!
She is super passionate about what she is doing and does it with all the love she has. Always wishing the best for you! Thanks!

Khushi, Mumbai

How Swasth Mind Works


 Create an account with Swasth Mind

Sessions are simple to join. First, create an account on the website by signing up using your email ID.


 Register to our sessions

Once you have signed up on the Swasth Mind website, you can browse our selection of sessions to find the one that best fits your needs. Upon selecting a session, you can register for it to secure your spot.


 Join via Google Meet

- Complete registration for the session.
- Receive a confirmation email on your registered email ID.
- The email will include a Google Meet link for the session.
- Ensure a stable and fast internet connection for an optimal experience.
- Arrive at the session at least five minutes prior to the scheduled start time.

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