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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment where individuals can come together to discuss issues related to mental health. We strive to create a space that encourages open dialogue and empathy, while also providing resources and education to help everyone navigate their mental health journey. We want to empower individuals to take ownership of their mental health and to feel comfortable seeking help and support. We are committed to providing a platform that connects each person to mental health professionals, so they can get the care and support they need.

Ultimately, we want to help every individual understand that mental health is an important part of their overall well-being and to make sure everyone has the resources to stay healthy and happy.

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Our Vision

Swasth Mind aspires to create a world where each person can effortlessly manage their mental health without compromising or neglecting it when necessary. The significant barrier of awareness often prevents individuals from accessing mental health services. Therefore, our goal is to actively contribute to overcoming this obstacle. Swasth Mind is committed to utilizing advanced technologies such as AI/ML to ensure that we can guide every individual on their journey to understanding the importance of mental health and taking care of their well-being. Through innovative approaches, we aim to make these resources highly accessible and affordable for all.

Our  Team


Aditya Khaparde

The Founder and Vision

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Aditya Khaparde is a visionary leader with an unwavering passion for revolutionising the mental health sector. As the Founder of Swasth Mind, he has embarked on a remarkable journey to provide affordable and accessible mental health services to people in need.


With over 9 years of invaluable experience in the healthcare sector, Aditya brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his mission. His impressive career trajectory has seen him collaborate with renowned international organisations, including the prestigious World Bank, where he made significant contributions to global healthcare initiatives.


Aditya's qualifications are as impressive as his accomplishments. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Engineering from Delhi Technological University, underlining his strong foundation in technical knowledge. Furthermore, he pursued his passion for healthcare and policy by earning an MBA from Fordham University in New York, which equipped him with the strategic skills needed to drive meaningful change.


Aditya's tireless dedication to destigmatizing mental health issues and his unwavering commitment to improving the lives of countless individuals through Swasth Mind make him a true pioneer in the field. His vision, coupled with his extensive experience and global perspective, continues to drive positive change in the mental health landscape, one step at a time.


Anikha KUMAR

The Mental Health Expert

Anikha has done her M.Sc in Clinical Psychology from Jain University, Bangalore. She uses an eclectic approach to treat the concerns of her clients, as research suggests eclectic approaches have proven to be more effective. Being in the field for over 9 years, Anikha holds a deep passion to heal people mentally and emotionally - a pursuit that has turned into a vision of catering to anyone and everyone.

​By treating over 800+ clients ranging from clinical and personality disorders, Anikha has been active in learning and applying different schools of thought.


Her biggest strength is that of being a patient and compassionate listener, which is something that has proved most effective in treating her clients.

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